Formicide 0.18.5594

  • Categoría: Platform Games
  • Licencia: Free-demo
  • Tamaño: 60.45 KB
  • Sistema: Vista w7 w8
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Help your ants conquer an Empire!

Formicide is an intense and great 2D fun fighting and platform game where you have to guide your own relentless army of ants to victory. Yes, ants ... but yes, also the most warlike ants ever. Inspired by games such as Quake, Unreal Tournament or Worms, in Formicide you can play solo or multiplayer fighting the armies of ants from your friends.

With a fun game aesthetic, dozens of different weapons (have you already been told that Formicide is inspired by Worms?) with which to perform authentic "anticide", as the title game seems to invite, and a story of background for solo play that's nice, Formicide is a game for just spending time in an entertaining, killing ants without complex strategy, which is why they're virtual. And what's also offered to you for free (and included in this free demo of Formicide) is a full game map editor, with which you can create your own scenarios for battles of the funniest ants that exist. So discover them for free in Formicide!


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